Thalamus IV

by kultFRONT



10xFile / ultra limited CD

01. MARUUN - You Talked About Meaning
02. MARUUN - Got Some Hash?
03. MORTART - Monophilia
04. MORTART - Execution Slaks
05. HORDA MORDA - NvsG 1
06. HORDA MORDA - NvsG 2
07. TSARAAS - Polaris
08. TSARAAS - Ona
09. SAL SOLARIS - They Live (Сonclave Obscurum, pt. 1)
10. SAL SOLARIS - We Sleep (Conclave Obscurum, pt. 2)

Пресс-релиз (апрель 2014):

Летом 2007 года пять российских музыкальных экспериментальных проектов собрались в Петербурге, чтобы дать старт, условно говоря, "финальной пятилетке", если следовать календарю индейцев Майя, которые предрекали «великий переход человечества» в 2012 году. Сборник THALAMUS IV, собранный по следам одноименного фестиваля, стал одним из саундтреков конца многих вещей и явлений, которые казались актуальными на тот момент. Музыка финишной прямой, звуки того, что "всегда приближается", как холодный ветер ноября, казались всё ощутимее и резче. Спустя несколько лет после той странной вспышки в ночь с июня на июль каждый может проверить, насколько этот звуковой прогноз оказался схож с наступившей реальностью.

Альбом также издан небольшим тиражом на CD. В материи все композиции смонтированы в единый звуковой поток.

Издание выступления Mortart - Live in Saint Petersburg:

Мастеринг и некоторые технические секреты - Сергей Uak-Kib

Оформление - kultFRONT
при поддержке Олег "cmart" Пащенко |


Press-release (April 2014):

In summer 2007 five Russian experimental musical projects gathered in St. Petersburg to give a start to the "final quinquennium", figuratively speaking, following the Maya calendar which predicted "the great transition of humankind" in 2012. The THALAMUS IV album compiled after the same-name festival has become one of the soundtracks to the end of many things and phenomena which seemed to be important at that moment. Music of the finish line, sounds of something that "always becomes closer", like cold wind in November becoming more tangible and sharp. After several years since that strange flare in the night between June and July, now everyone can check how close was that sonic forecast to the appearing reality.

The album is also released as a limited edition CD. Material version has all compositions forged into a single sound stream.

CD Mortart - Live in Saint Petersburg:

Mastering & some technical secrets - Sergey Uak-Kib -

Artwork - kultFRONT
with support by Oleg "cmart" Paschenko |


Festival «Thalamus IV» took place in 2007, but the physical embodiment of it's musical forms took place only now: someone will call it "too late", but someone will consider it "just in time". I am to the second option: either ideas and images expressed in noise experiments of festival participants were so universal and relevant (although not really suitable for the ears of the average radio consumer), or the time quickly ran trough the years passed, and caught up with the mood of the compilation, strengthening it with darkness and ironic misanthropy...


Do you recall school physics classes? There were talking about the amazing phenomenon of two different metals reaction - if they touch each other with the polished sides, and left for a while in this state, they become one single object. This compilation can be considered as confirmation that these properties are not only for metals. It took several years of research to find the necessary elements. They were found. There were five. Only ten samples were carved from the resulting substance. Another few years were necessary to merge them into a single structure in a state of complete calm. The wait was not in vain. But every time there is a desire to see how the result is shining, we must remember that it may be dangerous. And every next time to break away from that radiance is much harder. Darkest release in the label's history...

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